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Chris Miazga


I have been designing and building pools in the DFW area for the past 15 years.  In working for a few of the larger companies in the area I saw a need for a more hands-on approach to achieve the happiest customers at the end of the journey.  The complete focus is on attention to detail, communication, and of course the highest quality.  Well all builders do that, right?  Read some reviews and talk to some friends and you will found out the answer very quickly.  With one initial meeting at your home, I can show you the difference and how to truly build high quality pools, in a reasonable time, on budget, with great communication.

Building Custom Pools A Different Way

Have you built a pool before, or is this your first time?  What was your experience like, what have your friends said about their pool building experience?

This time you should expect something different out of your pool builder and get the service you deserve.

Consult with the designer, review the design and costing, meet at the day of excavation on the job site, get weekly, daily, or even hourly updates on the construction schedule, meet on site during construction to make sure it is going as planned.  Most pool builders would use at least two or three different people to get that done.  Many opportunities for miscommunication and errors.  We do it all with one point of contact from beginning to end.  Who better to build your new pool than the person that consulted with you on the design from the beginning?

Let us show you the Individualized, customer based way to build your new pool.  Contact us today for an initial consultation to see if we are the right pool builder for you. 

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For personal service, call 972-569-7876 or email chris@adgpools.com directly

Building Swimming Pools in Dallas, Mckinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano, Prosper, Celina, Parker, Lucas, Murphy, and the Dallas / Collin county area.